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1/3 of a book review: Her Fearful Symmetry

I was gonna try and write a review of Her Fearful Symmetry once I finished it, but it's driving me nuts, and I need to rant.Collapse )
"Samantha Brown, you have to get out of here. Your VAGINA is MADE OF PLASTIC."

Seriously, who at Mini-mates thought that was a good idea?
Do you have $20 and an Xbox? Then you should go buy Deadly Premonition. I've never seen a game so awful that it loops around on itself back to amazing, but this one really seems to manage it. I can't accurately describe it any better than the review I just linked, but, yeah, it's fantastic.

Feb. 21st, 2010

Eff my life, Jean's coming back. AND Cyclops is gonna die! Guess I need to start reading X-Men again. Hopefully this doesn't turn into a giant wallet drain like every other Marvel event.
So I had this grand scheme that when I started back up on El Jay, I would put some effort into reviewing stuff every now and then - comics, movies, games, etc. I figured, since I'd been plugging away at Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for a minute, that might be a good jumping off point.

Well, I'm here today to give you the truncated version of that review, because after about 3 months and endless near-fatal-to-the-DS-post-stupid-boss-fight-death tempter tantrums, I have finally come to the decision that I am not going to bother finishing it. Primarily, because it's stupid and I hate it.Collapse )

You go wherever you go today.

One of the most gorgeous songs I've ever heard has a fucking kick ass abstract Colorforms video:

Fleet Foxes seriously need to come to town soon.


Feb. 2nd, 2010

In the grand tradition of Oscar countdowns of years past, I'm throwing in with the sure loser: Go Team Basterds!

I actually really just don't care. 2009 was a pretty crappy year for movies. Sure, there were some good ones, but certainly not enough to justify pandering to the yokel tv audience and widening the field. Mid-December, we tried to figure out what would be nominated, and the only ones we could really figure on account of getting actual good reviews were The Hurt Locker, Up (which we figured for sure wouldn't get the nom because it was animated), and District 9. We weren't even sure about that.

So in summation, let's just acknowledge that the Oscars are bullshit and we hate them.


Jan. 28th, 2010

I finished Wonder Boys the other day. I was really enjoying it. The book is like pure chaos being funneled as best is possible at such high speed. Everything I liked in the movie was there, plus even more delightful wackiness.

And then I got to the end, and it was almost like Chabon got tired of writing it. Maybe it's very deep and I just don't get it because I'm stupid, but all the energy that the rest of the book was riding on seemed to just hit a brick wall and then proceed to drip aimlessly down a gutter for five pages. It really almost left a bad taste in my mouth.

Even worse, I think the unsatisfying ending has kinda ruined the movie for me. Mostly just in that the book points out loose ends that you don't really think about in the movie, because THAT ending fits the energy a bit better. I feel like I won't be able to watch it without thinking of little things that it doesn't bother with.

Certainly don't take this as me not liking the book, tho. It's very good, and a great read. I think having seen the movie to begin with skewed my perception a bit too much. I'll probably revisit the whole thing some other time and see how it sits with me then.

Also, I had a really hard time not picturing RDJ as Crabtree, and I don't think that helped. Eh, whatevs.



CoCo's farewell was sad but delightful. I'm sure videos of the finale will be on the tubes shortly. If you missed it live, you should check it out.

Apparently Peter Gabriel is releasing an album of highly orchestral indie pop covers (although, how Neil Young and Talking Heads count as indie pop, I'm not sure). His cover of My Body Is A Cage by the Arcade Fire is up on Stereogum now. I'm interested to hear more.

Jerod made an interesting point the other day: those god-awful AT&T commercials with bloated Luke Wilson would fail at debate team.

Verizon: Your 3g network doesn't exist in more than half the country.
AT&T: Oh yeah, well on our network, you can surf AND talk on the phone at the same time!
Verizon: Unless you want to do it anywhere in the Midwest, Alaska, or any rural area.
AT&T: So? We have, like, a million people in our network!

Repeat ad infinitum. Also, apparently AT&T filed suit to shut up Verizon's ads, and Verizon just said no. Somehow I missed that.

Hey, go watch this. Now go change your underpants.

K, all, I have a boring insurance test in the morning. Ta ta!

Jan. 20th, 2010

Mr. Pants and I have been trying to figure out the room for DragonCon situation. And once you start talking about rooms, you kinda automatically start thinking about the costumes. Especially if you're me.

With Alex and Aboe not having come the last few years, it's been hard getting really excited about costumes. It's a fact: they're way more fun with others. That Jerod got into it last year was helpful, and making Jamie's costume, even tho we only saw her for about 30 minutes all con, and she was asleep for about 25 of them. But it's having a big group of people who are all totally committed to dressing up like crazy people and going out in public that really makes con for me.

I'm moderately more excited about this year, so far. The possibility of at least one, maybe two groups to costume for is kinda nice, especially since I'm pretty sure no one has done one of those costumes before (even if I am gonna have to make it myself, and the prospect of making that thing kinda terrifies me). I keep coming up with other ideas but never really settling on anything.

I know it's early to really think about Con, but it's just kinda been missing some magic lately. Hopefully, it'll pick back up.


Jan. 15th, 2010

Oh hai, also, new DragonCon costume?

Apparently this is a Tick character. I was unaware there was a knitting superhero.


Jan. 15th, 2010

I don't typically stay up for late night tv, but I feel like the need to support Conan is high right now.

Unfortunately, I missed the damn monologue. Fortunately, the Dude is the guest. And Andy Richter still controls the universe.

The main thing that sucks about having a day job is missing Conan. Too bad that won't really be a problem anymore. :(


So I keep meaning to come post stuff on here, and then forgetting to do it. As it's currently a quarter to 4 in the morning and I'm still awake, there's really no time like the present, eh?

Of course, I don't really have anything of note to talk about right now, so I guess this is all for nothing. I guess it at least gets me back into the habit, even if the habit is coming straight out of 2005.

C'est la vie.
Apparently 2010 is all about denial.

Things I will be in denial about (so far):
The existence of X3 (I mean, what third X-men movie)
Spider-man 3

I'm sure there will be more things as the night goes on.

Fattycat wishes you a fat and sassy New Year!


Dec. 28th, 2009

Naturally, I celebrate my triumphant return to the interweb-o-sphere with nothing less than a survey.

But just because it's that time of year...Collapse )

Oh yes.

Sep. 11th, 2009

Oh hai internets! I found you!

I'll be back in another six months! Don't go anywhere!

Sup LJ!

I am trying to kill time whilst I try to figure out this mix cd. So long time no see. What are the haps? Jerod and I went to the new Asian shopping center on Jimmy Carter and had dinner at a Bento restaurant, and then got panda cookies and chocolate cheezburger candy at the Hong Kong Supermarket. They're little chocolate graham cracker buns with chocolate patties in between. They're pretty amazing. And he bought an electric lawn mower today. And I got stuck in Winder for 3 hours and failed to make it to a football game, but that is a story for another time and place.
It is snowing like a mofo here in Lilburn. Jerod's dad called about 3 hours ago from the Sam's Club by my apartment and said there was six inches of snow on the ground. Apparently power is out all over Tucker, which may or may not include my apartment, since it's almost in Tucker. In any case, I turned the heat off when I left last night. I hope I don't come home to a frozen Sophie-cicle.

Still tho, it's pretty awesome. Kinda reminds me a little too much of the Ice Storm of 2002 (capitalized for little-old-lady-esque emphasis) but so long as the power doesn't go out for a week and a half this time, I think I'm fine with it.


Somehow, despite being unemployed for a month and making almost nothing for half the year, I owe the IRS more than $500. That's not including the $50 I owe the state of Georgia. I am so fucking livid right now I don't even know how to describe it.

edit: Jerod's magical tax software now has me getting a whopping $19 back from the IRS. That'll clean out my box at Odin's for real. :/


So Athens was fun last night. It was good to see Daniel and Dylan, even if it was briefly, and the set only about 4 songs long. It was weird getting hit on by old dudes who thought yelling at us and/or buying us CDs for bands we weren't terribly impressed by would lead to a score, but whatever. What are college towns for if not old dudes thinking they can make it with younger girls. Kristy's gays are fun, too. Its too bad the whole town apparently rolls up the streets for Sundays. Alas. I think I shall have to make it back for AthFest at some point.


Feb. 7th, 2009

I has a headache.

This is what I get for drinking wine out of a juicebox and killing zombies for hours.

Hooray Chapel Hill bands!

The Physics of Meaning is coming to Athens on the 8th. I think I might make a day trip and go see them, since a) I haven't heard any of their new stuff and b) I still haven't been to Athens yet.

Additionally, Roman Candle is playing SXSW, which, again, makes me wish I had $500 to drop on a freaking festival. *sigh*



* I am pretty fine with Kieran Culkin. I am even more sweet baby geebus fine with Chris Evans. Mmm Chris Evans. I am internally squeeing with glee at the highly unfounded rumor that Pegg and Frost will play the Vegan Police.

* I still don't have a new more better job yet. HR and my manager are basically refusing to work with my temp agency, my manager even going so far as to tell them she has no idea if she'll want to hire me until my review at the end of the month. I can only translate that as me being unemployed at the end of the month, because she damn well knows if she wants to hire me or not already.

* North Kack is stealing my snow. Bastards.

* I'm debating getting a Twitter. Mostly because I think the whole concept of extraneous posting when one could just post to your blog is kinda silly, but on the other hand, being able to have the 90 different random things that pop into my head during the day that I'd like to post get posted in one big chunk is kinda intriguing. We shall see.

* Jerod got Chrono Trigger for the DS, and I very much look forward to playing his clear file when he's done with it.

* I have had a highly randomized series of dreams in the past two weeks that have popped up out of nowhere. One of which involved me meeting Pantalones new boyfriend and discovering that it was Tim Tebow, who was spending the off season hanging out in Maryland, pretending to be a hipster, and meeting girls on OkStupid. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN?

That's all I can think of for the moment. Oh well.
I finally finished Kavalier and Clay last night and I'm kinda smacking myself in the head for never reading it earlier. I've really got an itch to pick up either the Yiddish Policeman's Union or Wonder Boys next, but alas, I has a broke.

In other news, I have convinced Jamie (should she actually come to DragonCon which I am still not holding my breath on) to do an old-school Huntress costume. Hooray!

Um, so yeah. That's kinda it for the moment. Perhaps I can convince Jerod to stop playing Persona so we can go kill some zombies for a while. Tata!
So Left 4 Dead has allowed two things for me:

A) the ability to appreciate why those WoW nerds would hole up in their basements for days, subsisting on nothing but Cheetos and Vault, and

B) the chance to fulfill my life's true purpose.

This is possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to me. It's probably good that I don't have a 360 at home, or I might never stop playing.

Herro from North Kack!

OHEMGEE I hate truckers. I was nearly side swiped by one who couldn't decide if he wanted to be behind me or in the lane next to me at the state line. Additionally, Zaxby's is still not my friend, and probably never will be.

Debating if I want to deal with trying to go into Durham tomorrow and get some cookies from MadHats on the second leg of my journey. In any case, it's late as hell. Catch you kids later.
He's pretty good at presents. And now he's gone for a week! Sad panda. :(

If I don't get on here again before I head to NC, everyone have a Merry Winter Holiday of Choice!

Nov. 25th, 2008

If only it were this easy. Sassafrassin HotJobs and their 15 postings for unpaid Adult Swim internships.


And thus, why I hate TV...

Should I eve meet the ABC exec who handed down the order to axe Pushing
Daisies, I shall knee him in the groin.

That is all.
Oh shit, y'all. It's fo' reals.

I am so glad I waited till election day, because it took me exactly 5 minutes to vote. Sucks to be everyone who waited 8 hours in line last week!

Yeah I have nothing else to say right now. Gobama!
I am very tired of applying for part time jobs. I would very much like for one to fall in my lap.

But in any case, I'm going to go play Little Big Planet now, and that will make up for it.


It's official. I miss Chapel Hill, and more specifically fall in Chapel Hill, and all that that entails. And also wish I was in Minneapolis right now with everyone else having what are sure to be major lulz. :( Sad panda.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get dressed up like an obscureish 90's cartoon character and get my party on. Tata.
Due to really shitty circumstances, I will not be going to DC to visit Pantalones as planned. This is, in a word, lame-o.

Also, I have way less done on my costume than I wanted at this point, and this displeases me.

Additionally, my insides hurt.

This is not my finest hour.


So what we learned last night was that talking like you're from Minnesota for the duration of a hockey game may make the people sitting in front of you want to murder you in cold blood. And that afterwards it's hard to stop saying "You betcha!" Oh, and also that shouting "Roll Tide" on a crowded Marta train is a good way to get death threats.

Also, I approve of the new addition of Thrasher Luchas to Blueland. Especially ones wearing capes and blowing the horn of Gondor after every goal. Which he got to do several times...

All my teams are starting out great this season. That's so exciting!
I had a dream the other night that was specifically about UNC getting 9
interceptions on Notre Dame. In the first quarter.

Also, I really think I'm more qualified to write the ACC football blog on
ESPN than the chick who's currently writing it, mostly because she seems to
have a general disdain for every team in our conference. Except Maryland.
And that's just wrong.


...I has one.

First carload deposited, second carload is go! Hooray!