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Jan. 28th, 2010

I finished Wonder Boys the other day. I was really enjoying it. The book is like pure chaos being funneled as best is possible at such high speed. Everything I liked in the movie was there, plus even more delightful wackiness.

And then I got to the end, and it was almost like Chabon got tired of writing it. Maybe it's very deep and I just don't get it because I'm stupid, but all the energy that the rest of the book was riding on seemed to just hit a brick wall and then proceed to drip aimlessly down a gutter for five pages. It really almost left a bad taste in my mouth.

Even worse, I think the unsatisfying ending has kinda ruined the movie for me. Mostly just in that the book points out loose ends that you don't really think about in the movie, because THAT ending fits the energy a bit better. I feel like I won't be able to watch it without thinking of little things that it doesn't bother with.

Certainly don't take this as me not liking the book, tho. It's very good, and a great read. I think having seen the movie to begin with skewed my perception a bit too much. I'll probably revisit the whole thing some other time and see how it sits with me then.

Also, I had a really hard time not picturing RDJ as Crabtree, and I don't think that helped. Eh, whatevs.


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