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Oh. My. God. I love Nedroid.

Ohhhhh debates.

I cannot even look at John McCain without feeling sad about how much I dislike him now. We're talking a Weezer-esque deep-seated sense of regret here. That is highly distressful to me.

*sigh* At least Sarah Palin is continuing to make an ass of herself on national TV.

Jerod on Sarah Palin's view of Iraq: "We won. We got our initials on the high score."

Jenny on Sarah Palin in general: "Six years ago when I walked out of my house and said hi to my Russian neighbors..."

*sigh* Gorram politics.


Yeeeeeah, so remember how I used to really like Kenley?

Yeah. Bitch needs to go home. Now.
I'm going to assume there's a very good reason my mother hasn't returned any of my calls in a week, and that it's not an emergency surgery like it was the last time this happened.
Nice early fall days like this make me wish I was still in Chapel Hill. *sigh*

Apparently Ben Folds Five was tres awesome this week. And there's a home football game tomorrow and it's supposed to be nice and cool. And I'm listening to Massive Attack, tho not through headphones while walking through the quad.

Nostalgia is a fucking bastard.

Things which are awesome!

1. Both my alma mater and new adopted college foozeball teams winning in stunning blowouts this week!

2. How completely adorable Joe Paterno is. I might add him to my "spiritual grandpas" list behind Stan and George and Dean, since I don't have a foozeball grandpa.

3. Free Penn State blue jello shots with every touchdown scored! Seriously, I love the Penn State alumni club.

4. That the Yuengling! It is finally coming! Next month! Yuengling for Halloween!

Other than that, I am debating if I want to sign a surprise!lease on Monday because it is looking like the only thing available in my price range for at least the next two months, or wait and see if this really adorable townhouse on the foreclosure listing might be a possibility. So yeah. Strange days.
Noooooooooo! It are not fair!

*sigh* Oh well. I saw them twice in Chapel Hill. I guess that will have to be good enough.

On a completely unrelated note, hooray for baaaaaby pandas! That was sufficient to put me out of the horrible mood I've been in since Monday. Also, hooray for ridiculously cute comments from 7-year-olds.


Edit: I also forgot to mention the whole McCain-picking-the-most-unqualified-canditate-he-could-find,-possibly-by-throwing-darts-at-a-dartboard thing, which also made my entire fucking weekend. Blatanly obvious political stunts backfiring FTW!

Aug. 19th, 2008

I have cramps.

But that's ok, because I also have Nedroid.

And that's just diculous.
Nathan Fillion! Nathan Fillion! Hooray!

Also, I have forgotten how to drape. I'm glad I only spent three years in college learning how to do it. >:\

Less than two weeks, people!

Edit: Nevermind, I didn't realize draping was like falling off a bicycle. Also, Vitamin String Quartet actually does have a cover of Everlong and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.


P.S. I have a temp-to-hire position scanning...stuff...in Marietta starting tomorrow. Yay 60 mile commutes for $11.50 an hour.

And I sold a necklace. It's like I'm rollin in dough or something.


Aug. 14th, 2008

Bigfoots! Chupacbras! Cats and dogs living together! What is the world coming to?


I finally have a sewing table (even tho it's totally just a $25 computer desk from Ikea), and am almost done with the purse for the Ramona costume.

I also had a new idea for DragonCon - since the cape for my Powergirl costume is jacked and I should probably make a new one, but don't have the time, fabric, or inclination since I would also have to make a new belt etc. etc., I'm just gonna cobble together a Galatea costume. I've already got everything I need but the gloves, and I can get those cheap at Rag-O-Rama or Psycho Sisters or some such.
I just want everyone to know that Nate just got his nuts stomped on by a 30 pound dog named Ella. His emasculation is complete.

That is all.

In case you were wondering...

I have no plans ever ever ever to go see Twilight. I'm sure it's, like, the best book ever, since that's what all the 13 year olds on the interwebs are saying, so fine, whatever. Vampire Diaries was probably, like, 1,000 times better anyway, but whatevs. Today's 13 year-old-girls don't understand good trashy vampire/teen porn fiction like they used to. I get that.

In any case, any move that requires making the undeniable hottness that is Cedric Diggory look like this can go die in a fire, or bathed in holy water, or staked through the heart, or whatever. That makes me want to vomit. A lot.

Sparkly vampires. What the fuck.
Things which are cool: Ikea dropping off a 2009 catalogue on our driveway.

Things which are not cool: the kids in the house on the corner of Harmony Grove and Four Winds using their front yard as a DRIVING RANGE.

I'm bored today. I just finished My So-Called Life (what a thouroughly unfulfilling finale!), and it's at least three days before I can get the next disk of Studio 60, because for some reason I decided I wanted to watch Silent Hill again. Which, ok, yeah, I do, but I'd rather find out what happens to Jordan! and Danny! And since some birthday girl won't lend me her West Wing DVDs, I guess I will just have to steal something out of Nate's room, because I have nothing else to watch.

Yeah, unemployment sucks.

Warning: Exceedingly nerdy post below.

Ok nerds and nerdettes, I need some help. I've been thinking about paring down my Heroclix since I don't play that much anymore, and the idea came to me to use some of them to make a DC vs. Marvel chess set to sell on Etsy.

I've more or less got the logistics of making the pieces figured out, now I just need to figure out what characters to use for which pieces. Here's what I've got so far:

DC king - Supes
DC queen - Wonder Woman
DC knight - Batman

Marvel knight - Iron Man
Marvel rook - Punisher

I need to figure out what other characters to put where. I'm trying to stick to 1st stringers for the main pieces, and I'm thinking either 2nd stringers or villains or a mix of the two for pawns. And I was hoping to think of clever things, like the Dark Knight being knight, and Frank Castle being rook, but I'm pretty tapped outside of that. I'd thought Bishop for the Marvel bishop, but I'm not sure I even have two figures of him, or if he'd really be a big enough character.

King and queen for Marvel is also kind of a puzzle, because intinctively I want to do Black Panther and Storm, but that's kinda obscure. Outside of that, I feel like Cap is kinda in the Superman position, but I have no idea who to use for queen in that case. And then there's obvious couples like Reed and Sue, and Cyclops and Phoenix, but, yeah, I don't know.

ANYWAY. So if anybody has any suggestions, plz to be letting me know.


Aug. 4th, 2008

Unemployment is, suprisingly or not, quite boring. I was thinking of going home for the end of the week, just for a change of scenery, and then A) I realized that would be kinda expensive with the gas and B) Jenny's fiesta is Friday. So now I'm thinking of maybe taking a day trip somewhere. Asheville or Charleston keep coming to mind, although I think either of those might be a bit far (according to Google Maps, Charleston is only 4 and a half hours, tho I have a hard time believing that).

I might could swing that, tho. Get up really early Thursday, drive to Charleston, spend a few hours at the Battery or the beach, get some she-crab soup, and head home at dark. It's plausible. I shall consider it. I could use some ocean air right now.

Additionally, everyone who blew off Sunday night sucks, because I totally bought dip fixins, and now it'll have to wait until next week. :p

Aug. 1st, 2008

I has an Etsy store! Plz 2 be lookin and/or buyin.

Also, Jerod has a blog now. It has lolcats and Batman vs. the Shark. I hope he didn't want me to not link it.

Additionally, it just dawned on me that it is August 1st, and I have officially been in Atlanta for 2 years. Hooray me!

Jul. 31st, 2008

In case you were wondering, handstitching denim is a completely stupid idea. I still don't have feeling back in my left thumb completely, and I haven't worked on my costume since Monday.

So I managed to save a pretty impressive chunk of my last paycheck over the last two weeks. I imagine not having to drive 60 miles or buy cafeteria or restaurant lunch every day helped with that quite a bit. But with the tax free weekend coming up, I keep thinking really retarded things, like, "now would be a really good time to buy that Macbook." And on the one hand, it'd be smart, because I'd be saving almost $100 in tax, but on the other hand, that's still $400 of my own money I'd have to shell out. But on the other, other hand, I really need a computer, and the job search would be a lot easier if I had one, but on the other, other, other hand, it's been almost two weeks since I got laid off, and I haven't even gotten an interview for any of the jobs I've applied to, or been offered a temp spot. Etc., etc., so on and so forth.

So, yeah, I don't know. These are the retarded things my brain thinks about when it doesn't have to think about legal descriptions and certified and true copies and closing costs and all that crap.

I also forgot my password and locked myself out of Tech's employment site, which I can't get back into for 24 hours. Nifty.

Jul. 29th, 2008

On a more pleasant note, I just applied for a receptionist job with Philips Arena, which sounds like it'll mostly be dealing with Hawks and Thrashers business. So that's fun, even if they'd prefer a multi-lingual MBA student for the position, and I will likely not get a call back despite my many years of receptionisting for insanely high-pressure jobs.

Still, tho, I didn't know there was one nice and neat little website to go to apply for every single non-sports-playing job with the NBA. That's extremely convienient.

Tomorrow: applying for every available position on Tech's employment site!

Adding to yesterday's list...

4. Shark Week is not actually on during the day. Boo hiss.

5. This. Especially since one of the things I'm planning to have in my Etsy store is a leftover Pacman scarf I had found. Grrrrrr.

6. The cat's willingness to commit litterbox atrocities immediately after I clean the damn thing out.

7. Helen Keller mouse. Just in general.

That's pretty much it for today.

Things which are annoying me today

1. That I found an interesting job posting on Craigslist, and went to the supplied link to fill out an application, and once I'd submitted the first page with all my contact information, discovered it was a spam bot. Nifty.

2. I decided that a "Best Temp in Cheswick" icon would be appropriate for my current job hunt, as I am the best temp in Atlanta. However, it took almost an hour to find anything remotely close, because every icon post I went to that said it had icons of Donna would have, roughly, one icon of Donna, and approximately 100 icons of Rose, generally from whatever five seconds of screen time she had in that particular episode, but for the last one, mostly icons of each individual frame from the five seconds of Rose/Ten make out. UGH.

3. The discovery, in my search for a Donna icon, that there is Donna/Ten fic out there, which is inherently wrong and probably sent from Satan and/or probably all actually written by Russell T. Davies himself, because it physically hurt him that he couldn't put it in the show.

Clearly, I am very grumpy today. And primarly over Doctor Who, and I thought that was something I was done being grumpy about until Christmas at least.

Additionally, if you are thinking about staying in our room for DCon, speak now or forever hold your peace, because it pretty much almost filled up last night.

It are costume times!

Joann had all the fabric I need for my Ramona costume 50% off this week, so, since I have been very good about spending, and will probably have my Etsy store set up sometime next week, I splurged a bit. Also, since there will be a mind numbing amount of hand stitching involved, it is convienient that next week is Shark Week. Everything is made better/more awesome by Jumping Sharks.

Anyway, they had denim 50% off too, so the bag might actually be functional (and awesome) outside of a DragonCon setting. I need to figure out now to make the inside sub-space, tho...
Jerod said we could take dance classes. I just want to post that here for posterity. In fact, I think he said taking dance classes might be "fun". This is my first official "I am holding you to this FOR EV ER" moment. Hooray!

Also, my cat is redonkulously cute. That is all.
So in case your reading comprehension is poor, I got laid off last Friday. Which is honestly probably the best way that job could have ended - I went from wanting to make a career to wanting to die in a fire in the space of two weeks, which is always good. But it's been a productive unemployment. I survived the fresh hell that is the unemployment office on a Monday, brod_river gave someone in her office my resume for a legal assistant job, and I'm currently in the process of cribbing valwiggin's cover letter to apply for a sweet job at Mountain Park library. Also, in terms of non-employment related productivity, I beat Mario Kart on 50cc and 100cc, caught a sneak peek of Dark Knight (omg amazing) and the Watchmen trailer (omg clean undies), and made a shit ton of jewelry to sell on my still non-existent Etsy page. So it could be worse.

Granted, we're in a recession, so it likely will get worse...
Guess who's got vacation next week!

And for who knows how long after that!

Hooray for the mental economic downturn!


It dawned on me last yesterday that I never said anything about the death of the Nasty Old Bigot. But the comments on that thread pretty much sum up everything I would've said, so I'll leave it at this: as a native of NC who never got the chance to vote against the bastard, I hope he rots in hell.

Wow, that was nasty of me. Don't care.
So Hellboy is pretty good. I would say it's definitely better than the original, but I'm not sure if I necessarily like it more. There were a few plot points that really threw me,Collapse ) but overall it was a good movie, and I definitely enjoyed it. It did kinda feel like Selma Blair was pulling a Katie Holmes, tho. I didn't feel like she was nearly as good as last time. Johann was spot on, and Abe was definitely more enjoyable, especially since he got a lot more screen time and was much more involved in the plot. It's almost fair to say this is more a B.P.R.D. movie than a Hellboy movie.

And bodhipuff was totally right last night - it was absolutely gorgeous. I still stand by the opinion that Del Toro needs to do any Sandman movies, and I'm also throwing in any kind of remake of Neverwhere, because the Troll Market was exactly what I imagined the Floating Market should look like. And the intro of the movie was amazing. So yes, two thumbs up from me. Jerod said he also enjoyed it highly, although he's still not sold on grumpy, anti-social Hellboy from the movies, and prefers the way he is in the comics. Which is fair.

We went to Borders after the movie and I was bad and bought books. But I'm not allowed to read either of them until I finish at least one of the ones I'm currently reading. So there.
Last night, Sex Bob-Omb played their inaugural set at Jerod's house, and it was awesome. So far we only have Scott and Kim Pine, but they look pretty accurate, and we spent an hour making a really awesome yellow and orange Zero shirt for Scott. I still need to make a band logo for the drumhead - I wonder if I can download a picture of a bob-omb from anywhere. So yeah. We are huge nerds.

And speaking of Zero, Jerod finally downloaded it, and I totally pwned it on the first try. Rock.

The Fabulous Fourth!

Anybody made any plans for it?


Having seen brod_river and kimberley_ann's new apartment, I realized the size and awesomeness of it is pretty much the same as the apartment I've been trying to see for two weeks now, except the one we're looking at is cheaper. :P

Now the problem is actually getting to see it. It's turned into total Murphy's Law. One of them got rented out from under us by another leasing agent in the company. One got completely trashed by the prior tenants and had to be remodelled. One had the current tenants decide at the last minute not to turn in their 30-day and extend their lease. They've got another one coming available this week, and I'm terrified something is gonna happen to it before we can even see it. Or even worse, we'll get to see it, and there will be something fundamentally wrong with the place, like being in the ghetto, or the place is falling apart, or something like that.

I'm just really really tired of trying to find a suitable apartment. It shouldn't be so hard in a city as big as this.


Oh hey, I'm still at work, look at that.

Overtime is going to be my friend this pay period...


Wanted was fun and dumb. I enjoyed it, but I'm very glad I didn't pay $10 to see it. So, while it might be worth it to see it in theatres, I'd suggest making a matinee of it. Also, James MacAvoy is kinda laughable trying to play a badass, but I won't hold it against him, because he is generally so adorable.

*sigh* Another super busy day at work. Shoot me now.


Taking a breather for a meme...

The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed. Well let's see.

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them ;-) LET'S DO IT!

Books!Collapse )

Work is utterly insane right now. I was trapped in the office until nearly 7:30 last night. I may very well be again tonight, which would suck, since Jerod and I have a free pass to see Wanted. I would be a mildly sad panda, since I have no intention of paying money to see that movie. Oh well.


1. My boyfriend, who gives awesome presents. It's shiny and pink and I <3 it.

2. Figuring out a costume for con. Anyone wanna borrow my Zero shirt and go as Scott? Or maybe I'll just make Jerod do it. Yay!

3. Even Sophie got me a birthday present!
It dawned on me last night that June is halfway over and I haven't even seriously thought about costumes for this year, yesterday's post notwithstanding. I'm feeling extremely "meh" about the whole thing this year. Aboe and Alex won't be coming, so there's no point in trying to do the Rose Red costume by myself. I don't have the time or workspace to try working on the Steampunk Hawkgirl. I can't even really think of anything I particularly want to do. It's a sad panda year for costumes.

I will try not to think about that and instead think about cake in half an hour and Vortex and not-so-mysterious presents tonight.


So this may be my new favorite thing that DC has done. Kiiiiiinda want to see if I can get a group together to do those for DragonCon. Anyone interested before I take it over to dragoncon?

The last trade of Y: the Last Man came out, and I am kinda mixed in my feelings about it. Mostly because I guessed a major plot twist back around, oh, issue 4 or so. Partly because it was a lot more depressing than I'd hoped. Tsk. A re-read is probably necessary.

Oh shit.

I am really really really seriously hoping that what I just read in someone's comment on io9 was not a spoiler but really WANKERIFIC speculation, because I do NOT want to be any angrier with Grant Morrison than I already am...
Shawn asked if I wanted his daughter's bunny because his daughter is allergic to it. The temptation, it are there. Ohhhh, bunnies, you are so cute.

Anyhoo, it's supposed to be really nice this evening. I am tempted to tell Jerod we are putting up the hammock I got the other night and taking a nap in the backyard.

Also, Jerod is thinking about getting a dog, so when we were at Borders last night, we were looking at books about different breeds, and discovered that he likes "girl" dogs (pugs and corgis and whatnot) and I like "boy" dogs (bulldogs and bassets and bloodhounds and probably other b dogs), tho neither of us like retrievers or labs or spaniels or other such boring dogs. Or poodles. Or puggles, which are really adorable as puppies, but seriously fugly as adults. So there you go.


OMG Tegan and Sara.

OMFG B-52's.

OMFGPonies Cyndi Lauper.

T'was quite a night, peeps. Hooray for teh gays!