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Your girl, she's a renegade.

a hurricane that keeps you there, safe.

20 June 1981
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Stuff and nonsense.
adult swim, alice in wonderland, alphonse mucha, basketball, beautiful things, bright eyes, bruce campbell, bu hanan records, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin & hobbes, carolina panthers, cats, clothes, comic books, costuming, creme brulee, cussing, daisies, danny elfman, daydreaming, death cab for cutie, doctor who, donnie darko, dragoncon, dreams, driving fast, eastern-style barbecue, eddie izzard, edenton, everlong, evil dead, eyes to space, fall, firefly, flowers, football, gardening, geeks, george o'malley, go fug yourself, go machine, going barefoot, green places, grey's anatomy, halloween, harry potter, hello kitty, heroes, high fidelity, horror movies, indie rock, jeff buckley, john cusack, joss whedon, kittens, knitting, lefties, liberalism, lots of carbs, luna lovegood, males, metrosexuals, mighty boosh, muppets, my melody, my so-called life, nine inch nails, ninja warrior, nintendo ds, north carolina, obx, pepper's pizza, phoenix, pigtails, pink chucks, pleasantville, possums, powergirl, powerpuff girls, prayers and tears, rabbits, radiohead, ramona flowers, raspberries, ravenclaw, rene magritte, ripped jeans, rock candy, royal tenenbaums, runaways, sarcasm, schadenfreude, scott pilgrim, serenity, sewing, sex and the city, shells with holes, shoes, silly boys, smashing pumpkins, snow, snowglobes, sophie bella bunny, spice girls, sporks, stars, stephen king, stv, surprises, sylvia plath, tall buildings, target, teen girl squad, the beach, the cure, the little prince, the nightmare before christmas, the police, the postal service, the sims, the smell of rain, the smiths, the tailless wonder, tim burton, tobey maguire, tori amos, trainspotting, trent reznor, tulips, unc, wales, wknc, x-men, yaris, zombies